Mentorship, mock interviews & giving back to the community!

Mentorship, mock interviews & giving back to the community!

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2021, a year that changed our lives in multiple unimaginable ways. With the pandemic making us strive hard to survive, we all still witnessed the wonders of technology including the major transition from Spider-Verse to the Metaverse. The virus' pangs reached my home as well and I along with my entire family were tested positive for COVID. With God's grace, everyone recovered well. While I was stuck alone in isolation, it got me thinking - what is that one thing I’ve always wanted to do apart from being a developer? It didn't take long to find an answer. I’ve always wanted to help the community by sharing my learnings with individuals and budding developers to aid their journey into the beautiful world of tech.

Fortunately, 2021 had more in store for me than just COVID. I am Vinit Shahdeo currently working as Postman at SWE II. Oops, sorry, as SWE II at Postman!

Software Engineer II at Postman

From learning about APIs to a company that helps you build APIs, my journey at Postman from an intern to SWE II has been exhilarating. If I had to describe my life at Postman in a nutshell I would say API-first vision, challenging projects, amicable team and JavaScript.

What makes me get up and work every day at Postman is knowing that what I do, impacts millions of developers across the world.


Hactoberfest, in my opinion, should be renamed as Hack-to-perfection. As a developer, I get more excited about Hacktoberfest and open-source than holidays. The rush to get as many first-timers' pull requests merged and the happiness that came along with it. This year, more than 1000 newbies kickstarted their open-source journey with my Road-to-Hacktoberfest initiative. This is a developer's version of getting 100K views on your reel.

GitHub Star 2021 and 2022

GitHub Contribution Chart

This is what my GitHub looked like when I began my open source journey. Blank! I had no idea where to begin and how to proceed. Many of you would be in that place while reading this. Don't worry I have got your back there! My quest that began with “How does Facebook exactly work” became the beginning of my journey “How I became a GitHub Star twice”. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it is GitHub's way of expressing gratitude to influencing people who help the community and I am more than delighted to write that I got recognized again. Connected a lot of green dots to make it to a Star!

Giving back to the community

In my journey of tech and open-source, 2021 has been more about growth and giving back to the community. From being mentored to mentoring, a lot has changed over the years. This pandemic made me realize all your plans and goals may not turn out exactly the way you want them to, life is unpredictable! “Be the mentor you wanted to have as a learner” and I am trying to become that. If you feel overwhelmed with so many resources and tutorials, find yourself stuck in the tutorial hell, and if you aspire to become a developer.; don't only build projects, build your dreams!

Over the course of my freelance career at Scaler Academy and Masai School, I have mentored more than 200 students and I look forward to guiding much more. You don’t need money to attend these sessions. All I expect from you is the zeal to learn.

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Interview Preparation and Tips

Prepare with me for your interview. I was as nervous as you are right now and yet I made it. I hope to help you with my experience as an interviewer and someone who got interviewed by so many companies. I have interviewed 100+ candidates so far.

I will assist you with tips to get yourself ahead before even starting.

Career Guidance

With so many opportunities and roles, it's normal to be confused. However, you are not alone in this. Reach out to me for a personal session on career guidance.

Let’s figure out the right things to be done to pave a dream career path.

  • We will discuss your aspirations, interests, ability & align them with the perfect career option
  • We will design a strategy based on your short & long term goals

1:1 Mentorship

Reading articles, watching videos helps but nothing beats being personally mentored. Let’s have a detailed chat about (not limited to):

  • Your career, goals, aspirations & progression
  • Keeping yourself relevant in the industry
  • Switching jobs
  • Navigating job offers

I will be happy to share my two cents based on my experience. You can consider it as one more opinion while deciding. Let’s make it happen together! Block your slot on Topmate.

Resume Review

Is my resume good enough? Don't worry. I got you covered. Having a good resume is as important as having good skills. I will help you with mistakes in your resume (if any). All important tips, tricks and hacks to improve your resume.

We will be working on giving the best shape to your resume and building a roadmap to add the best industry-standard projects to your resume.

Mock Interviews

Are you preparing for the interviews? But confused whether you are prepared enough or not? Before your real interview mocks prepare you in the best way. I will be your mock interviewer and will give you suggestions based on your profile.

  • Proper feedback with areas of improvement
  • How you should approach a problem during an interview?

Open Source

If you're a newbie in open-source, don’t scratch your head, my buddy, I've got your back! You can find FAQs answered in one of the AMA sessions. And also, don't forget to introduce yourself in the discussions section.

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