Milepost: From a GitHub User to a GitHub Star

Milepost: From a GitHub User to a GitHub Star

From a (green) dot to a star, here’s how my journey uncoiled

Hello World,

I'm writing with a blissful bright smile that I have been recognized by GitHub as a GitHub Star. For those of you who got caught up in the jargon, the honour of becoming a part of the GitHub Stars Hall of Fame is not any less than getting a Gold Play Button from YouTube.

vinitshahdeo - GitHub Star

The GitHub Stars program thanks GitHub’s most influential developers and gives them a platform to showcase their work, reach more people, and shape the future of GitHub. Till now, there are just 46 GitHub stars worldwide. Learn more.

During second last week of March, my usual work-day Friday unfolded into a surprising evening, which was matched by the thrill of receiving an email that read out the 'few magical words' every developer wants to hear - "Congrats, you're a GitHub Star!" 🌟

I am grateful to GitHub for recognizing the work I have done and my journey as a developer. Not only has GitHub helped me hone my skills but it has introduced me to some exceptional developers, who are now my closest pals. Give me a cheer if our meet-cute story includes GitHub. 🍻

vinitshahdeo - github profile

As I always say the green dots on my GitHub profile represent my wandering expeditions - from one repo to another. Five years ago I was just a curious soul wondering how Facebook works and back in 2019, my curiosity and the open source community led me to become a Software Engineer at Postman, the world's leading collaboration platform for API development.

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Open Source kept me on my toes and encouraged me to always strive better. The 'GitHub' way of life has boosted my motivation and reciprocating all that I have received, I now strive to give more to the open-source community.

Find my GitHub Star Profile here.

No need to git commit just yet - I still have my GitHub Stars Swag box to unpack!

Happy Open Sourcing!

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